Our Specialists

” The Baby Nurses at Bella Bambini are part angels, part baby whisperers, and part Mary Poppins…their unique combination of kindness, efficiency and in-depth knowledge is like a lullaby for the new mom’s (and babies!) soul!” ~with love From a Mother of Twins

Bella Bambini is proud to represent a group of women who are described in the beautiful expression above. Our newborn care specialists have a genuine passion for families and babies and their love is evident!

Our Specialists:

Are hand-picked and complete a thorough screening process. This means we never place an ad or accept a resume. Our Specialists only work with us if we approach them.

Complete Newborn Care Specialists & CPR Certificate Training Courses

Are self-sufficient in every way (they drive their own cars, bring their own meals and DO NOT have ANY language barriers!)

Complete Postpartum Doula Certificate Training Courses

Complete Bella Bambini’s mandatory training course

Have extensive references and are available for telephone and in-person interviews.

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